Songs For Kindergarten | Fun and Educational Kids Songs by Scott Perry

The Math song for Kindergarten

Math can be tough for kindergarten kids. All those numbers can be confusing. The Math Song for Kindergarten lets kids know that math is fun and applicable to life. It also admits that it can be tough to learn at times. As I’m sure many kindergartners can relate, one line in the song reads “It seems my brain is getting full, I think I learned too much at school”. The song of course ends in a positive note with the cheerful line “We learned to count 1 2 3 4 and do addition, look Mom I’m now a Mathematician!”

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Honesty Song for Kindergarten

The Honesty Song teaches Kindergartners what it means to be honest. It helps them deal with the issue of honesty in the classroom, at the store, and other settings.

When songs teach kindergartners a lesson, that lesson tends to stick better than by teaching via lectures or most other forms of teaching. Teaching kids the value of honesty when they are at the kindergarten age is great because they are at an age where these sort of lessons can really stick.

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